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Hire the Right Sales Professional

As an employer, it is difficult to find  great sales professionals. As you are aware, it is usually the top 10 to 20% of sales professionals that generate 50% or more of the revenue at a company. Imagine how much your business could grow if 100% of your sales professionals were in the top 10%? That brings us to the question of, “How do I find the best sales professionals?

Sales recruiting firms are your answer. By outsourcing your sales recruiting to experts in the field, you are almost guaranteed to get better results than you would on your own. On your own you could create a post for the opening on any of the numerous job websites out there, but do you think this is where you will find the best talent? On these sites you’re more likely to hear from sales professionals who are out of work due to their mediocre performance. The best sales professionals already have a job. So how do you recruit them?

The best sales recruiting firms will not only use traditional resources to find potential candidates, but they also have their own internal network to tap – sales professionals who have confidentially expressed their interest in switching employers, but who cannot or will not advertise their intentions publicly. Good sales recruiting firms have access to these private pools of talent.

But what sales recruiting firm is best to go with? Our simple three step process can help find the best fitting firm for you usually within only 24 hours.

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